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      Jamie Griffiths

        I would like to add a field (drop down box) called Categories, is this possible? if so I would like to extend on this and have another field (sub categories), so this would be dynamic from the first category box


        is that possible?



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        Stefan Rother

          Hi Jamie,

          yes, that’s possible.

          • First you need to create two fields at “Admin -> Dynamic Fields” (Category1 and Category2). On the top left side add a new field “Dropdown” of the type “Ticket”. When you create the fields, please enter the dropdown values here too.
          • Add the new field to the needed screens, using “Admin -> Dynamic Fields Screens”. Normally you need to add the field at least to the screens AgentticketPhone, AgentTicketEmail, AgentTicketFreetext, AgentTicketZoom, AgentTicketPrint, AgentTicketSearch and CustomerTicketMessage.
          • Next use “Admin -> ACL´s” to restrict the subcategory fields. Please have a look for the different possibilities at

          We work hard at the moment to create a better admin manual. But if you need assistance with the installation beforehand, please have a look at our various support packages at Our support team will be happy to help you directly on your system with the creation of the fields and show you exactly how it is possible.

          Best wishes from Germany,


          Team OTOBO


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