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      Stefano Grespan


      I’ve restored a backup from a docker installation to another but something went wrong: now I can login to the new Otobo but my user is not an admin anymore and i cannot see any ticket. Moreover, on the top of the page I read „Otobo Daemon is not running“, but according with „docker ps“ it is. Unfortunately I’m quite new to this software and I need some help about what I should check to understand the cause of the problem. Can you please help me?



      My dashboard on the old server:

      And my dashboard in the new one after restoring the backup:

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      Stefan Rother


      perhaps it is a cache problem, please change inside the OTOBO docker container and delete the cache:

      root> docker exec -it otobo_web_1

      otobo> bin/ Maint::Cache::Delete

      otobo> bin/ Maint::Loader::CacheCleanup

      If the content is still not displayed, something went wrong when importing the database.

      Best wishes from Germany,

      Stefan Rother

      Team OTOBO

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      Stefano Grespan

      Thanks, it works!

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