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      version 10  native install (not docker)

      I am unable to start the otobo.daemon

      When I run status I get the following and I am not sure how to fix

      /opt/otobo/bin/ line 20: use: command not found

      /opt/otobo/bin/ line 21: use: command not found

      /opt/otobo/bin/ line 22: use: command not found

      /opt/otobo/bin/ line 23: syntax error near unexpected token `(‘

      /opt/otobo/bin/ line 23: use: feature qw(say);’

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        Hi Jeffrey,

        this looks like bash tries to run a Perl script. Could you check the first line of bin/ ? The first line, the shebang should invoke Perl:

        bes:~/devel/OTOBO/otobo (rel-10_1)$ head -n 1 bin/
        #!/usr/bin/env perl

        Best regards,



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