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      Giordano Torre

      Good Morning,

      is it possible assign a ticket to agent another queue?

      For example:

      A customer user opens a ticket in a specific queue.

      Then I’d like assign the ticket to a agent to another queue because the customer user has wrong the queue.

      I’d like assign the tickets to all my agents not only agent of the queue or group.

      Thank You



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      Grit Rother


      You’d normally move the ticket to another queue and not assign it to any agent specifically, but yes – that’s a standard functionality.

      (You can only assign tickets to agents with permissions to the relevant queue of course, maybe that’s the problem?)

      Hope this helps!

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      Giordano Torre


      Now If I want assign a ticket to agent of other queue, I have to move a ticket to other queue and then assign it to agent.

      In OTRS I can assign a ticket to all agents…

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      Giordano Torre


      How can I enable this Dashboard??!?

      Thank Youuuuu

      Best Regards

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