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      Csaba Németh

        For unknown reason the daemon stopped to send outgoing emails.

        Incomming is working fine. Sending manually also fine.

        How can I troubleshot this issue?

        otobo@helpdesk:~$ ./bin/ Maint::Email::MailQueue –send –verbose
        ERROR: Perl: 5.32.1 OS: linux Time: Fri Jun 30 07:31:44 2023

        Message: Object already has an open Log for this type.

        Traceback (70042):
        Module: Kernel::System::CommunicationLog::_LogError Line: 563
        Module: Kernel::System::CommunicationLog::ObjectLogStart Line: 213
        Module: Kernel::System::Email::SMTP::Check Line: 56
        Module: Kernel::System::Email::SMTP::Send Line: 232
        Module: Kernel::System::Email::SendExecute Line: 762
        Module: Kernel::System::MailQueue::Send Line: 711
        Module: Kernel::System::Console::Command::Maint::Email::MailQueue::Send Line: 206
        Module: Kernel::System::Console::Command::Maint::Email::MailQueue::Run Line: 155
        Module: (eval) Line: 480
        Module: Kernel::System::Console::BaseCommand::Execute Line: 474
        Module: Kernel::System::Console::InterfaceConsole::Run Line: 88
        Module: ./bin/ Line: 35

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        Csaba Németh

          The error messsages are not totally related here.

          Sometimes it sends without any error message (but only manually).

          otobo@helpdesk:~$ ./bin/ Maint::Email::MailQueue –send –verbose

          Message with ID ‘188910’ successfully sent.

          1 message(s) successfully sent!

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