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      Holger Seffers


        I am new to docker and also to OTOBO.

        So, I followed all these guides, except I am using Ubuntu 20.04 and my user name is just “admins” instead of “docker_admin”.



        And here I fail.
        For me not understandable, I am not able to run the needed 6 services as described in step 5.
        I did use the nginx with SSL as described on this site. I use a bought wildcard certificate.

        I get this warning: WARNING: The NGINX_ENVSUBST_TEMPLATE_DIR variable is not set. Defaulting to a blank string.
        And the service keeps restarting: otobo_nginx_1 /docker-entrypoint.sh ngin … Restarting

        Any idea what this is related to?
        Anybody with this issue before? Using search function in web or this forum did not help.

        Could it be the certificate though?

        Thanks for your help.




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          no problem at all. Using docker otobo very long, no issue. Double check if the cert files are OK, double check if you copied the cert files on right docker volume.



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            Hi Holger,

            first the easy things. The name docker_admin is just a placeholder in the documentation, because the actual name is variable. Some people use a regular user, while others work with root.

            The warning ” WARNING: The NGINX_ENVSUBST_TEMPLATE_DIR variable is not set” can be ignored. This template dir is for users that want a specific Nginx configuration. Usuallly the variable is not set, but I haven’t figured out a way to suppress the warning. See https://github.com/RotherOSS/otobo/issues/1583.

            The effect that the Nginx service does not start up is probably related to your setup. Could you run docker logs otobo_nginx_1 2>log.out and see whether you can make sense of the logged error?

            Best regards,



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              Thomas Etscheid

                Hi Holger,

                ich stecke beim selben Problem. OTOBO 10_0 frisch per Docker und der OTOBO Anleitung installiert, beide Zertifikate kopiert in den $otobo_nginx_ssl_mp Ordner, dort sehe ich diese auch liegen:

                sudo ls -ali $otobo_nginx_ssl_mp
                185288 -rw-r–r– 1 root root 3289 Feb 1 14:30 otobo.crt
                185289 -rw-r–r– 1 root root 3289 Feb 1 14:30 otobo.key


                Die Variablen habe ich wie folgt gesetzt:



                Leider steht mein nginx immer auf restarting:

                fa26c495cdfb rotheross/otobo-nginx-webproxy:latest “/docker-entrypoint.…” 5 minutes ago Restarting (1) 49 seconds ago otobo_nginx_1


                Das Log vom nginx container zeigt:

                2022/02/01 14:33:54 [emerg] 1#1: cannot load certificate key “/etc/nginx/ssl/otobo.key”: PEM_read_bio_PrivateKey() failed (SSL: error:0909006C:PEM routines:get_name:no start line:Expecting: ANY PRIVATE KEY)
                nginx: [emerg] cannot load certificate key “/etc/nginx/ssl/otobo.key”: PEM_read_bio_PrivateKey() failed (SSL: error:0909006C:PEM routines:get_name:no start line:Expecting: ANY PRIVATE KEY)
                /docker-entrypoint.sh: /docker-entrypoint.d/ is not empty, will attempt to perform configuration
                /docker-entrypoint.sh: Looking for shell scripts in /docker-entrypoint.d/
                /docker-entrypoint.sh: Launching /docker-entrypoint.d/10-listen-on-ipv6-by-default.sh
                10-listen-on-ipv6-by-default.sh: info: /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf is not a file or does not exist
                /docker-entrypoint.sh: Launching /docker-entrypoint.d/20-envsubst-on-templates.sh
                20-envsubst-on-templates.sh: Running envsubst on /etc/nginx/templates/otobo_nginx.conf.template to /etc/nginx/conf.d/otobo_nginx.conf
                /docker-entrypoint.sh: Launching /docker-entrypoint.d/30-tune-worker-processes.sh
                /docker-entrypoint.sh: Configuration complete; ready for start up



                Und ich kann die installer.pl nicht erreichen, da der nginx nicht läuft.


                Die crt und key sind aus einer PFX konvertiert. Kann da der Fehler liegen? Habe ich es falsch konvertiert?

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                Hey Holger, maybe the problem is, that nginx is running at the same time like docker? systemctl stop nginx and then try it again.


                Best regards

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                Philipp Huth



                  ich würde zu diesem Thema noch eine Anmerkung hinterlassen – der NGINX startet folgerichtig nicht, weil er an der erwarteten Stelle die Zertifikate nicht finden kann, was so auch im Log ausgegeben wird – nur kann durch das laufen innerhalb des Docker-Containers nicht dieser Pfad genutzt werden – die Zertifikate mussten bei uns lediglich nach /opt/otobo-docker kopiert werden, danach wurden die Zertifikate von NGINX gefunden und der Container startete erfolgreich. Sie werden also von außen in den Container geladen.



                  mit freundlich Grüßen

                  Philipp Huth

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