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        I’ve installed the package ITSMIncidentProblemManagement to use decision feature, but when I try to approval some tickets to test, the session “ticket settings” is empty. The dynamic fields ITSMDecisionResult and ITSMDecisionDate do not appear. However, if I open the ticket “Welcome to OTOBO” those dynamic fields are up as you can see on the attached images..

        How can I enable those fields?


        Version: Otobo 10.0.2

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        Sven Oesterling

          Hi squidy,

          I checked this, and for me, it worked. This time I’m pretty sure, that there is some configuration which isn’t set up right, an ACL for example,…

          As this would be difficult to track down without access to the system, we would offer to help you on this via a remote session by me, or one of our supporters, as thanks for your assistance with finding the service bug. Please write a mail to for that.

          Have a nice day, Sven

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              Really nice, Sven.. Thank you and congratulations for the great job.. :-)

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