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      Takashi YANO

        I am trying otobo 10.1.7.

        The customer backend is Samba Active Directory (LDAP).

        The admin porttal’s customer user list shows junk characters at UserFirstname/UserLastname field. At LDAP, sn and givenname attribute have Japanease characters. Is there any way to show expected Japanese characters at otobo customer users ?

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        Stefan Abel


          Did you try to use the correct Charset? I guess this should be the right line

          # # if the charset of your ldap server is iso-8859-1, use this:
          # # SourceCharset => ‘iso-8859-1’,


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          Takashi YANO

            Thank you.
            I have thought that the Samba Active Directory (LDAP) return characters in UTF-8 but it seems to be wrong. the Samba Active Directory (LDAP) seems to return characters in CP932 (Japanese double byte character set). I will try to set the Japanese character setat  the SourceCharacterset.

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            Takashi YANO

              I was wrong. The position of:

              SourceCharset => ‘utf-8’,

              was wrong. This should be at the Params section. Now the otobo shows expected Japanease characters.

              Thank you,

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