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      Using Docker same server migration. Open Suse Leap 15.2 .

      Stuck on Step 1, tried localhost and remote, with localhost error Can't connect to OTRS file directory. With remote

      Result of database check
      Check if OTOBO and OTRS connect is possible.
      Can't open Kernel/ file from OTRSHome: /opt/otrs!

      sshpass installed, ssh port/user/password correct.

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      Found, that in web_1 docker image is the rsync not available.

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      Hi David,

      thanks again for the report and for the analysis of the problem. You are right. The Debian package rsync is missing in the OTOBO image. We are adding the package in the next patch release of OTOBO. In the mean time you can add the package yourself.

      • Start the containers: docker-compose up
      • Log into the running container as root: docker exec -it otobo_web_1 bash
      • Fetch Debian package info: apt-get update
      • Install rsync: apt-get install rsync

      Please note that the added package will only survive a *docker stop otobo_web_1; docker start otobo_web_1′ sequence. It will be lost with ‚docker-compose down‘.

      Best regards from a sunny Munich,
      Bernhard Schmalhofer

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