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      Good evening, I tried to install Otobo 10 on ubuntu 20 with mysql 8, but during installation via the web-installer i see some errors in syslog on creation of the „group“ table. Infact, when I try to log in with root@localhost, it log in, but the „admin“ tab is not visible.
      Has this problem already happened?

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      This error is on OTRS 6 CE too, you need to wait for OTOBO people to fix that problem, I think on Github is this already fixed ( ).

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      Grit Rother

      Hi there,

      Sorry for our late reply. Apparently we had some problems with Forum notifications.

      This Bug will be fixed in the next OTOBO release.

      Apart from that – We love to see the first posts in this Forum – and that we have such a reliable Forum administrator already, too ;)
      Thanks a lot, David.

      Looking forward to hearing more from you!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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