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      B O



        I have migrated otrs 6 to otobo 10 and it works perfect, but im missing the option to close the tickets via Template, i have few templates which they should close the ticket automatically as soon as the email is sent.

        is there any extra package which should be installed or am i missing any configuration?


        thank you in advance for your help!!

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        Stefan Abel


          That also must have been a separate package in your old OTRS6 installation, as that was not working in OTRS6.

          We have a package for that. It is called “ResponseTemplatesStatePreselection” and you can find it in the Package Manager in the “OTOBO Addons” repository.


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          B O

            Hi Stefan,


            thank you for response, yah exactly i have listed the old otrs packages and found the name and installed it on otobo

            now it works perfectly.


            have a nice day!

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