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        1.    System: otobo10.0.3, Docker version

        2.    We use the OTOBO command to convert OTRS plug-in, seems successful, but show plug-in fail installation in OTOBO, please refer the diagram below:

        fail install

        3.    The OTRS plug-in:  Znuny4OTRS-Repo-master.zip and ImportExport-rel-6_0.zip

        4.     Make Znuny4OTRS-Repo-master as example (Znuny4OTRS-Repo-master directory is renamed to be repo), convert command is:

        su -c “/opt/otobo/bin/otobo.Console.pl Dev::Tools::Migrate::OTRSToOTOBO –cleanall –target repo repo” -s /bin/bash otobo

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        Sven Oesterling

          Hi Paulyangsmile,

          the plugin conversion tool does several rather basic things which can be automatized, like changing names, paths, etc. For more simple plugins this is enough to get them working, more advanced plugins have to be also adapted by hand. If you need help with that, feel free to contact us.

          With regards to the Znuny-Repo: This will most likely not work, for one it is not a basic plugin, but more importantly, we have integrated parts of the functionality of the packages which are offered by the repo directly into otobo anyways. What packages of the repo would you like to install?

          Best regards, Sven

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            Hi, Sven:

            Thanks for your great help.

            What we need to install is the plugin Znuny4OTRS-CTI, which can be used normally on otrs. It can receive URL parameters such as index.pl?Action=AgentTicketPhoneCTI;CallerID=UserID, and then go to the page of creating a ticket and trigger the UserID selection effect. This function cooperates with other CTI related products to realize CTI solutions.

            I don’t know if otobo has built-in similar function plug-ins or there are other solutions for CTI?
            In addition, we found that after Otobo logged in to the system, there was a parameter OTOBOAgentInterface in the URL, which seemed to be used to verify the login identity? If a newly opened webpage cannot use this parameter correctly, it will be required to log in to the system again. In this case, will the plug-in like Znuny4OTRS-CTI be unusable? Because it does not know what should be filled in OTOBOAgentInterface

            Thanks again for your help.

            Best Regards


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            Sven Oesterling

              Hi Paul,

              sorry for the long wait, the last days were quite busy.

              Regarding the package: What you could do, is download the CTI-package itself (you can just download it from an OTRS system where it is installed, if you click on the package in the package manager and look at the actions on the left side of the screen), and try to convert this package. I had a quick look now, and I’m somewhat confident that this will work just like that, as the package itself is rather small. (Maybe you have to open the resulting sopm or opm and delete the line “PackageRequired”, if there is one.) No promises, though! ;)

              Regarding the OTOBOAgentInterface: This parameter is used, if no cookies can be used. Please go to your SysConfig, and search for “HttpType”. Make sure that if you are using otobo via https, it is set there (actually this is the standard), and if you are using it via http, which is only recommended for testing, the HttpType is http.

              I hope this helps, have a nice day and weekend, Sven

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              Stefan Rother

                Hi Paul

                another possibility is that we migrate the package for you. I think it’s not so expensive, because it’s a small package.

                If that is in your mind, please write a short info ti hello@otobo.de. We send you an offer.

                Thanks very much,


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