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        I can configure dynamic fields in Ticket Categories, but I can’t do the same with others variables like OTOBO_TICKET_State..

        Is there a way to set ticket state in the Ticket::Frontend::CustomerTicketCategories? Is it possible?

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        Sven Oesterling

          Hi squidy,

          for now, after some discussion about this last year, we have only implemented the owner and the queue as categories. We could add the state and other attributes at some point (in our setups it doesn’t make much sense, but I see, that it could be useful for very individualized states which carry more detailed information). Please open an issue on github, detailing, which attributes you would need, I will add a “request” label. I can, however, not promise that this will have a very high priority, as it is not a bug, and we are quite busy at the moment. If you need this, or other features in a very timely manner, I fear for the moment you would need to hire us, to develop a package for you. (In this case you already have our email. ;) ) Else, if you have developers in your team, yourself, we very much would appreciate pull requests, if you start customizing OTOBO.

          Best regards, Sven

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