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      Otobo 10.1.2, Otobo 10.1.1

      Show/Hide Dynamic Fields do not apply in AgentTicketCompose.

      When using ACLs to  show/hide Dynamic Fields in different Standard forms, it does not work in AgentTicketCompose.


      I create a DynamicField called Field1, which should be hidden if the ticket is in queue A and shown in Queue B, It should work like that when using AgentTicketPriority and AgentTicketCompose.

      There are two ACLs to hide the dynamic Field and then show it when the queue is the correct one.

      In bot cases the expected behaviour is shown while in AgentTicketPriority, but none work when using AgentTicketCompose.

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      Stefan Abel


        As I could reproduce this with 10.1.5, I created a Github issue:


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          Hello Stefan

          Thank you for testing and taking the time to create the Issue. Will be expecting the resolution.


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