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      Alex Eaves

        I am trying to configure Otobo to use…
        …instead of…

        I’ll even settle for…

        Is this possible? Thank you.

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        Alex Eaves

          I suppose the same goes for “”

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          Demian Kellermann

            I simply adapted the nginx configuration to redirect a plain request to the interface. In my case, the snippet is

            # always redirect to agent interface
            location ~ ^/$ {
            return 301 https://$host/otobo/;


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            Martin Dvorsky


              does anybody know about more elegant solution instead of simply redirecting? Also is there any chance to make to this possible without using nginx?


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              possebon Fernando

                It’s possible. I’ve done this.

                Assuming that you will have the following:

                • – for the agent / management users
                • – for the customer users

                You can use the following steps:

                • Copy the original zzz_otobo.conf to zzz_servicedesk_otobo.conf
                • Copy the original zzz_otobo.conf to zzz_support_otobo.conf
                • Rename the zzz_otobo.conf to zzz_otobo.original
                • Edit the zzz_servicedesk_otobo.conf and make the following changes (I’ll post only the relevant part of files, the original and the changed version):



                Changed version of zzz_servicedesk_otobo.conf:


                Changed version of zzz_support_otobo.conf:


                Don’t forget to add the closing tag <strong></VirtualHost></strong> on both files.

                • Change the ScriptAlias to empty value on SysConfig


                I hope this helps.


                Best regards,

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