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        Getting this error. Any help will be appreciated. Otobo is running using docker images.

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        Stefan Rother

          Dear Knatesh,

          the error means, OTOBO is not abled to connect to the database using the db user otobo.

          Have you used the system before? If yes, please have a look to the file /Kernel/ There you will find the used otobo mysql/mariadb password to access the database. Please try to connect to the db with

          docker exec -it otobo_db_1 mysql -uotobo -p’UsedPassword’ otobo

          If a connect is not possible, please check the password or access information for the user otobo.

          If the system is new, please install the system again using our tutorial

          perhaps you need to execute /otobo/ first.

          Best wishes from Germany,


          Team OTOBO


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          Stefan Rother

            Hi again,

            I checked the url from your screenshot. Please execute as described here:

            Best wishes,


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              Hi stefan,

              on behalf on Kishore,  we can’t move forward again with, as we already have our mysql data on previous image, i tried doing newly credentials which we have ,it doesn’t fetch on DB host config, though we just copied our mysql data from docker Volume to new image just to concern. still the same error on both side old and new image.

              Note:- unnecessarily some of the docker images are creating, in a weeks time from otobo docker itself and we faced disk full issues, we can’t figure it out how thats creating with GB space on same drive.

              Also on priority we have saved Docker volume and its data on our machine, still if you got any solution to our problem. please feel free to support.


              let us know, what else more information, you needed from us.



              Ganesh Kshirsagar

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