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      I have some problems with the dynamic field feature on customer companies. For example i would like to add a new dynamic field called „customer_internal_id“ to the customer company informations. Unfortunately i don’t find any option to add this dynamic field to the customer company informations. I already did some research on the internet and read several times that this isn´t possible anymore.

      Can someone tell me how to do it or what i am doing wrong?

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      Stefan Rother

      Hi Syoxx,

      That’s not true, I’m sure it’s possible. ;)

      You need to add the dynamic field info to the $Self->{CustomerCompany} mapping in Kernel/ If this option does not already exist in Kernel/, you need copy the entire option from Kernel/Config/ to Kernel/

          $Self->{CustomerCompany} = {

              Name   => Translatable(‚Database Backend‘),

              Module => ‚Kernel::System::CustomerCompany::DB‘,

      .. More Content …

              Map => [

                  # Info about dynamic fields:


                  # Dynamic Fields of type CustomerCompany can be used within the mapping (see example below).

                  # The given storage (third column) then can also be used within the following configurations (see above):

                  # CustomerCompanySearchFields, CustomerCompanyListFields


                  # Note that the columns ‚frontend‘ and ‚readonly‘ will be ignored for dynamic fields.

                  # var, frontend, storage, shown (1=always,2=lite), required, storage-type, http-link, readonly

                  [ ‚CustomerID‘,             ‚CustomerID‘, ‚customer_id‘, 0, 1, ‚var‘, “, 0 ],

                  [ ‚CustomerCompanyName‘,    ‚Customer‘,   ’name‘,        1, 1, ‚var‘, “, 0 ],

                  [ ‚CustomerCompanyStreet‘,  ‚Street‘,     ’street‘,      1, 0, ‚var‘, “, 0 ],

                  [ ‚CustomerCompanyZIP‘,     ‚Zip‘,        ‚zip‘,         1, 0, ‚var‘, “, 0 ],

                  [ ‚CustomerCompanyCity‘,    ‚City‘,       ‚city‘,        1, 0, ‚var‘, “, 0 ],

                  [ ‚CustomerCompanyCountry‘, ‚Country‘,    ‚country‘,     1, 0, ‚var‘, “, 0 ],

                  [ ‚CustomerCompanyURL‘,     ‚URL‘,        ‚url‘,         1, 0, ‚var‘, ‚[% Data.CustomerCompanyURL | html %]‘, 0 ],

                  [ ‚CustomerCompanyComment‘, ‚Comment‘,    ‚comments‘,    1, 0, ‚var‘, “, 0 ],

                  [ ‚ValidID‘,                ‚Valid‘,      ‚valid_id‘,    0, 1, ‚int‘, “, 0 ],

                  # Dynamic field example

      #            [ ‚DynamicField_Name_Y‘, undef, ‚Name_Y‘, 0, 0, ‚dynamic_field‘, undef, 0 ],




      After that you are able to configure your dynamic fields. Please add the following information to the mapping for each field:

                  [ ‚DynamicField_Name_Y‘, undef, ‚Name_Y‘, 0, 0, ‚dynamic_field‘, undef, 0 ],


      Another possibility is to extend the database table and don’t use a dynamic field:

      For MySQL or MariaDB:

      root> mysql -uroot otrs

      root> ALTER TABLE customercompany add NameOfNewColumn VARCHAR(255);

      After that add a new value to the mapping above:

        [ ‚CustomerCompanyNameOfNewColumn‘, ‚LabelOfNewColumn‘,    ‚NameOfNewColumn‘,    1, 0, ‚var‘, “, 0 ],

      I hope I could help. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

      Best regards from Germany,


      Team OTOBO

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      Hi Stefan,

      thank you so much for your help! It works perfectly.

      Best regards,

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      Stefan Rother

      You’re welcome, have fun with OTOBO!

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      Hi Stefan,

      I’ve tried around with dynamic fields in the last few days but got another problem. I want to add a dropdown field to each customer where i can select the purchased products by the customer. So that I have the opportunity to search for this field and see all customers with product A oder product B.

      I successfully created a new field with the type „Multiselect“. This field is shown for each customer but the dropdown menu isn´t working. I´am only able to write numbers in it (because data type is integer). Can you tell me what i’m doing wrong?

      Best regards,

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