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      Miguel Ferraz



        we’re getting a strange issue that doesn’t happen with all tickets, but when it does, we try to assign a ticket to a owner (and it’s registered in log) but it stays assigned to Admin (the default owner).

        I’ve removed a module, the ITSMChangeManagement, and 3 of the unsigned tickets were instantly assigned to the correct owners, but this could be something that is triggered after the module uninstall (like cache cleaning) because a few hours later we got the same issue with other ticket. And we just wait for a few minutes and the ticket was correctly assigned.

        We didn’t detect any issue with the database queries, just the error that I’ve previous reported that register “Need Module!” on Apache error log but it doesn’t seem related because we get that on every access to AgentTicketZoom.

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        Miguel Ferraz


          Today we got the same issue and I realize it’s something related to the OTOBO cache.

          After executing ./ Maint::Cache::Delete the owner was already correctly set up after refreshing the TicketZoom.

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          Sven Oesterling

            Hi Miguel,

            normally when changing the owner of a ticket, the cache for this ticket is deleted automatically. It seems to me, also from your other thread, that you have some custom modifications running – it is difficult to really say anything of help without looking at possible adaptions individually. For this you could contact us via to get our professional support. Else in any case you would have to provide more information about log entries, customizations,…

            Best regards, Sven

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            Miguel Ferraz


              Thank you for your Reply Sven.


              One thing that we notice is that the user that is assigned has the correct permissions, the thing is that in the display the owner stays the same, in the queue list also stays the same.
              One other thing that we noticed is that when we refresh the page the block with the owner information doesn’t try to refresh, quite different happen in other blocks:


              Could this be a problem with using Memory Cache (beside using redis) for a installation that has 3 Apache servers running beside a load balancer (haproxy) with sticky sessions?




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              Miguel Ferraz

                Oh, one other thing that I forgot to mention.

                If we set other owner and set again to the agent we set up in first place the owner is correctly displayed.

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                Miguel Ferraz

                  One other thing that I’ve noticed in ticket log, is that the notification is sent only to the previous owner:
                  Changed owner to “an—@—” (11). (OwnerUpdate)
                  Sent “Ticket owner update notification” notification to “np—-@–” via “Email”. (SendAgentNotification)


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