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      possebon Fernando

        When Customer Users attach files on ticket, before submit the ticket, the file is shown.

        User submits the ticket, no error messages.

        If user look at ticket or an agent look the ticket, there is no attachment there.

        I tried to find some information on httpd error log, but nothing is reported there.


        Best regards,

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        I’m also having this issue, same approach : user’s files are visible before submitting the ticket, but once submitted, they disappear and are nowhere to be found.

        Also, if an agent attach a file to an answer, the file appears without any problem.

        Does anybody have a fix or lead to a solution ? Would be appreciated !

        Thanks in advance

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        Giordano Torre

          Good Evening,

          I haven’t this problem..

          I have installed otobo 10.0.12 docker.

          Customer user view:

          Agent view:

          Best Regards

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          possebon Fernando

            I solved the issue, in my instance I’ve changed the Apache configuration to remove the /otobo from URL and create different endpoints for each view:

            • – for the agent view
            • – for the customer user view

            The configuration was working almost perfect, the only two issues I identified:

            • Customers attachments when opening ticket was not saved.
            • When changing some Sysconfig parameter and deploying the changes, the system lost the session forcing me to login again.

            The misconfiguration was on ScriptAlias parameter. The default value is /otobo and since I remove that on Apache config I need to reflect it on Sysconfig either.

            I cleared the value of ScriptAlias and now everything is working as expected.

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              Hi Jose,

              I checked where ScriptAlias is used in OTOBO. The setting is mostly used in Cookies and when assembling some links. The connection to attachments is not obvious.

              But I’m wondering about another thing. In your initial setup ScriptAlias was set to “otobo/” but your URL does not contain “/otobo/”.  I would have guessed that login should have not worked at all, as cookies are only sent back to the server when the path matches. Did you need to make any adaptions to make that work?

              Best regards,




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