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      Wirun Niti



        We have created a custom statistics. When we generated it from the Statistics page we can choose to either generate the statistics as either excel or csv file. That is working as fine and the result is exactly what we wanted.


        However when we tried to create an automatic report from the Reports page with our custom statistic. The report that we are receiving is in PDF  file with Otobo template report all over it which is not what we really wanted. What we want is the plain csv/excel format that was generated from the Statistics page.


        How do I set this so that we can recieve the csv/excel file instead of a Otobo pdf report file? Thanks in advance.

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        Stefan Abel


          In the backend (Linux) you can use the OTOBO-Console (bin/ to generate a statistics and save it in the file system. In case you want to automate it, you could e.g. use a Cronjob.


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