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      A document had been translated for 93% now and keep pending. How can I continue the unfinished parts?

      I have tried to do this but my start point is No.213 in total 443 sentences. Is it correct?

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      Grit Rother

      Hi Paul,

      I had a look at Weblate and all is looking fine to me.

      To open all segments not yet translated click on the project, your language and then on „not translated strings„:

      Doing so, I end up here:

      In case you end up somewhere in the middle for whatever reason, did you try to navigate to the previous segments using the arrows next to the segment numbers?

      Hope this helps.
      Thanks for translating OTOBO!

      Best, Grit


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      Thanks Grit, let’s do it first and find out what the reason.

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