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      Csaba Németh


        How can I avoid the ticket lock on owner change?

        We have a hotline agent. She handles the phones and distributes the tickets. We would like to achieve to do not be the ticket locked when she changes the owner of the ticket. We tried to disable Ticket::Frontend::AgentTicketOwner###RequiredLock but it does not solve the problem as the locker will be the new agent automatically.

        We would like to use the lock function when an agent “really” dealing with the ticket (1. we can inform the customer automatically by the generic agent, 2. we can see on which tickets are the agents working on actually).

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        Stefan Abel


          For now this is not possible. You have to have a ticket locked, when you want to move a ticket – but: you could unlock the ticket automatically when moving a ticket to any other queue (System configuration: ForceUnlockOnMove), which might also resets the owner to root@localhost automatically (System configuration in Core > Ticket).

          I hope this helps you further.

          Best regards

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