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      We are using OTOBO for our email management using Queues for each project.

      Very rarely, the client may send a new issue email, but rather than sending a new email to create a new ticket, they just reply to the previous email which unfortunately picked up by the previous email trail in OTOBO.


      Is there any way to detach the last email from the trail and create a new ticket without sending an email to the customer?

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        just use the “split”-Option.


        You can find the option in the email.



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        Thanks Christian.

        Yes, I used the split option. But it also sends an email to the customer.

        How to disable that option? i.e split the ticket without sending an email to the customer.



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        Stefan Abel


          which email is being sent out? Maybe you temporarily need to de-activate your autoresponse or create the ticket somewhere where it isn’t active (queue-wise).


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          All my auto response emails are disabled.


          When I tried to split the ticket the customer user is mandatory (new ticket dialog) and require an email address.

          This will send an email to the customer user when I split the ticket.

          I like to create the ticket without informing the customer as it was originally created by the customer anyway.

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          Stefan Abel

            The ticketsplit itself does not send out an email if you select “Phone ticket”, as you did in your screenshot. The auto-response that you assigned to the queue (or a ticket notification that you created) does. That’s why I mentioned before to de-activate the auto-response temporarily or create the ticket in a queue where no auto-response is selected.

            A phone ticket itself never creates an email. An email ticket does (as you select it to send out an email). Or a notification or an auto response does.

            In case you created a ticket notification, you should of course check that.


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            Thanks, it does work with phone ticket.

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