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      Diego Ritunnano

      Hello, I’m trying to configure an admin email in order to fetch all mails as tickets into Otobo 10, but I keep getting the error „IMAPS: .. Can’t connect to“.

      I have already checked that Otobo can reach the mail server and that ports 993 and 143 are opened.


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      Diego Ritunnano

      Here is a picture of the error that I’m getting when running MailAccountFetch:

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      Stefan Rother

      Hi Diego,

      I think the mail server (or IMAPS)  is not reachable from OTOBO system. What happens if you run the following from OTOBO server or container:

      otobo> telnet 993

      Do you get a response?

      Best wishes,


      Team OTOBO

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      Diego Ritunnano

      Hi Stefan,

      Thank you very much for your response. We performed deeper tests, and finally the conclusion was that the mail server had a bad configuration, and could not reach the OTOBO server.

      The issue has already been fixed.



      Diego Ritunnano.

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