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        Noticed today we had hundreds of emails in a processing state in the communication logs. I logged into the server and docker instance and ran bin/ Maint::Email::MailQueue –send which successfully sent the emails.

        Where can I check to ensure the task which should automatically do this is running?

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        Jan Eckhardt


          when i investigated this issue with my System (migrated from OTRS 6.0.30 to OBOTO 10.0.13), i could, too, send mails via a force console command:
          cd /opt/otobo/bin
          su -c "./ Maint::Email::MailQueue --send --verbose --force" -s /bin/bash otobo

          In the end, the Daemon (with the cron task) is responsible for this mail processing.

          You can check in the Sysstem Configurations for

          I hope this may help a bit.


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