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        I follow the migration documentation to migrate from otrs 6.0.30 to otobo. Installation using docker worked really well but now i am running the and am stuck at step 2 otrs database settings.

        I keep error try database connect and sanity checks, and when i look into the logs i keep the error that the webpage can’t find the database.

        i tried to use as host address the localhost and all ip adresses found with command hostname –all-ip-addresses

        I even went into the dockers and tried using the real ip adresses but the error is still there.

        I was able to succesfull import the database into the otobo sql database and grant the rights into the database so i must be missing something but don’t know what to do from this point

        Settings as chosen:

        Type: MySQL

        Host: <as mentioned above>

        user: otrs

        pass: auto filled from and filled in manualy

        database name: otrs


        Result of database check
        Try database connect and sanity checks.

        Could not connect to the source database!


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