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        I have installed OTOBO using MySQL, and I am trying to migrate from OTRS 6, which is installed using Postgresql. I have followed all of the migration instructions. When I get to the point of checking the database, the migration program complains of network issues. There are no network issues that I am aware of. Postgresql is communicating on port 5432 normally. This is preventing me from continuing the migration process. What do I do?

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        Stefan Rother

          Dear Arbit,

          The migration itself should actually be quite simple, but there are various pitfalls in the environment and configuration.

          Did you do the migration as described in the documentation

          If so, can you please post more information about your setup, procedures and log messages?

          In the next step we can then take a closer look at the problems.

          I wish you a nice day,


          Team OTOBO

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              I made a mistake, and did not install the postgresql perl module. Once the perl module was installed migration is proceeding, if slowly. Thank you for your reply.

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              Hello Arbitrary String,

              I have seen the same effect when I developed and tested the migration routines. However I still don’t understand why usually a more or less helpful message is shown, but sometimes this message pops up. I defenitly has nothing to do with networking, it’s more about JavaScript being confused about the current state. When it happens you can do two things. First check the Apache error log. This log should indicate what the problem was. Secondly you can restart the migration by requesting ‘’ again.

              There are two common problems that can occur. First access to PostgreSQL can be denied from the new server. You can check this by calling something like

              psql -U otrs –host=<postgres_server> otrs

              on the server where Apache is running. Another cause can be that the Perl database driver  DBD::Pg is not installed. You can check this with

              perldoc -l DBD::Pg.

              When testing I found that the diagnostics of the database check should be improved. I have added this to the upcoming release OTOBO 10.0.6, see .

              If this problem still occurs, could you send me the relevant excerpt from the Apache logfile ?

              Best regards,


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                  I did not have the postgresql perl module installed! The system did not make any attempt to tell me that however, just the generic “network issues” message.

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                Sven Oesterling

                  That’s the case, if an ajax request of the client browser does not receive an answer from the server (in this case, because the server ran into an error, and not because of network loss). One could try to catch errors like this, and send more meaningful error messages. On the other hand, in this case the user has to be working on the server anyways, so there is always the possibility to just consult the log files… (One has to know, though…)

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                    @arbitrarystring, I have added a check whether the required DBD::* module has been installed. See This feature will be available in the upcoming release of OTOBO 10.0.7,

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