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      A. Flora

      I look everywhere to find the running otobo version, but can’t find it anywhere :-D

      We are running docker version, and would like to know if there is a new version available from our current running one ..

      Maybe there is somewhere a help -> about button or other way to tell if a new version is available ?


      Many thanks,


      A. Flora

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      Renée Bäcker

      run this command on the commandline:

      docker exec -it otobo_web_1 cat /opt/otobo/RELEASE

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      Grit Rother

      Hi Flora,

      There’s another very easy way for not-so-technical users to find out which OTOBO version is running:

      If you scroll down to the „Powered by Rother OSS“ element at the bottom of each OTOBO page and hover over it, the current version is shown like this:

      Have fun with OTOBO!

Ansicht von 2 Antwort-Themen
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