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      Grit Rother

        Dear all,

        This year was wild and challenging at times for us at Rother OSS.

        OTOBO has taken on quicker and spread much wider than we had hoped in our wildest dreams when we set off to create our fork and build a community again.

        There are many more things to improve, so many ideas and plans, there’s so much more work to do, but the team is growing, our energy is high, and we look full of confidence to the future!

        As we release OTOBO 10.1 beta, we’re stepping back for a second, and look at the things we have accomplished over the last year. Together.

        It is time to say Thank You to the many many people collaborating on this project. We have a fantastic team, wonderful clients, brilliant partners, and a great community – all this would not be possible without you. THANK YOU!!

        Originally, we had planned to release OTOBO 11 now. As 2021 went a little different than expected, we are releasing OTOBO 10.1 instead and OTOBO 11 will follow suit next year. We are working on it already.

        OTOBO 10.1 is setting a strong base for the things to come. We changed the framework in the background, added functionality and adapted a few more default configuration settings to make the start with this mighty system easier.


        The highlights:

        • OTOBO supports OpenIDConnect now in the standard – modern SSO authentication based on OAuth2. Agents can be authorised, too.
        • Enhanced S/MIME functionality – graphical pointers for encrypted / signed mails. Performance boost.
        • Enhanced process functionality – processes in the customer interface, process templates (actions to be run without preceding activity dialogue to come)
        • PSGI is used consistently now under Apache, too (in OTOBO 10.0 only in Docker with Gazelle) – facilitating easier integration of OTOBO in diverse web server scenarios as well as integrating middleware with OTOBO
        • S3 implementation – setting the base for easier clustering (Kubernetes, MinIO, AWS) – experimental)
        • Template web services – making it so much easier to connect OTOBO with third party systems such as Jira or Bugzilla
        • Reporting – Generate reports, e.g. by combining several statistics, and send them out via email as a PDF file
        • Changed default configuration for an easier start with the system:
          • The system user root@localhost is “- – “ now, and unlocked tickets are passed back to this user with a view to avoid confusions regarding ticket owner and lock/unlock.
          • Internal notes are active by default to enable communication between agents
          • Escalation notifications are sent only to subscribing agents (instead of: to all agents with write permissions for the given queue)
          • Linked tickets are displayed below the articles of a ticket
          • etc. etc.

        Please check the Release Notes for a more detailed list of new features and improvements (in German and English.

        Download OTOBO 10.1 Beta

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        Grit Rother

          Hi all.

          OTOBO 10.1 Beta 2 has been released earlier this week.
          The stable is to follow suit shortly.

          Please help make sure OTOBO 10.1 is in the best possible shape for this occasion:

          More information about what’s new in 10.1 can be found in the Release News (and obviously in the GitHub Changes ;)

          Thank you!

          Take care

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