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      Hello everyone,

      ive run into a problem concerning the integration of O365.

      Im running OTOBO as a Docker, Version 10.

      When trying to send a Email via OTOBO the following Message appears.

      On the Firewall there is no Problem.
      The Email-Address an Password are both correct.
      Ive also tried using SMTPTLS:587, same thing.

      Any ideas?




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      A. Flora

      Couple of thing you can try to figure out what is wrong:

      • attach to the running web docker and check the logs shown on the console using command: docker attach otobo_web_1
      • connect to the webserver docker using bash and check by using telnet if connection works to the office 365 servers from there using command: exec -it otobo_web_1 /bin/bash
      • check dns settings if the office 365 server is reachable or use ping and telnet etc from the bash console stated above.

      ps, use the docker commands from within the /opt/otobo folder otherwise it won’t work

      if something comes up, update the forum ticket ;-)


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      A. Flora

      one other thing, did you allow external connections in office 365 ? i believe you need to set something on office365 to allow smtp connections from external sources. Maybe check google on this one.

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      Hi again,

      i was able to ping but the /opt/otobo folder doesnt exist on my otobo docker, therefore i cant try out the commands you recommended.

      Am I doing something wrong?

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      Hi there

      For my Otobo installation, I configured Postfix to relay through O365. Otobo is configured to use the local Postfix mail server. I find this to be a more reliable way to manage mail sending (getting all the features of a full mail server – retry, easier to trace mail log files, etc).

      Let me know if anybody is interested in the setup of Postfix to relay through O365.


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