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        I found that very often Outlook/Exchange email are not parsed by Postmaster Filters.

        Or, better: postmaster filter doesn’t find a simple work in the mail body.

        Checking the “plain”  format of those mails, I see that the body (not only the attachments) is base64 encoded.

        I checked that otobo has a parameter to base64 encode outgoing mails, but I don’t find a similar parameter for the incoming messages..

        Would be it difficult to add that option ?

        Since the mail rendering is perfect in ticket-zoom, this means that the “base64 decoding engine” is already coded inside  otobo: it would be enough to call it from inside the postmaster filter parsing script :-)

        Unfortunately I am not a developer :-(


        Another solution could be to force outlook not to send encoded bodies, but I have not fond it (“plain text” setting is not a real plain text :-( )

        Last hint: this problem happens very frequently if outlook mail is a reply or forward. With “new mail” in plain text, usually, there is no problem.


        Thank you very much


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