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      I got a problem when I try to register the weblate.

      I got the confirm letter and copy the link to address box. But it said the website is not accessible?

      Who can help me here, my friends?

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      Hi Paulyangsmile,

      I had the same problem last. I think that the JavaScript is messed up somewhere, but I had no real clue how to fix it. So, thanks for reporting it, as it had slipped my mind.

      My workaround was on the page that displays the ’not accessible‘ message. A slash ‚/‘ is missing there after the domain name ‚‘. Adding the slash and reloading the page fixed my problem.


      Bestt regards,



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      Grit Rother


      Yes, that’s a general problem: Somehow, a slash is missing in all links sent out by Weblate.
      It’s on our list, hope we’ll find a solution soon!;)

      As Bernhard suggested, the workaround is to add a slash after the domain manually on all links emailed by weblate. Example:

      Emailed Link:


      Thanks and kind regards,
      Grit – Team OTOBO


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      Thanks Grit: Yes I can verify myself and login weblate now.

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      Grit Rother

      Glad to hear that, Paul:)

      Shoutout to all: The link hickup is fixed!
      You can simply click on the links sent to you by Weblate and start off now.

      Thanks for translating OTOBO!

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