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      Vlado Gal


        we are now using Otrs 3.4, I am pretty familliar with System config. We are planning to migrate to OTOBO. So I am doing initial system config. One thing I find strange and could not find solution for it.

        • responsible is activated
        • Agent is set for ticket as responsible
        • Agent see responsible tickets in ResponsibleView
        • Ticket ist moved to different queue, because agent need help from another team
        • Agent has MOVE an Create permissions to destination queue, because I do not want to see whole queue for him
        • but, when moved to queue, agent lost visibility of this ticket. I could not find any view where the ticket could be seen
        • direct link to tiket is working, so agent has permission to access the ticket.

        This is working in OTRS 3.4.

        I have realized that if Agent has RO permissions to queue, he can see responsible ticket in ResponsibleView, but this in not desired for our working processes.

        Am I missing something? Could somebody help me? If it is by desing in OTOBO, i do not understand than, whats the reason for Responsible, when I can not see all my responsible tickets regardless queue.



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        Stefan Abel


          as soon as you are Responsible for a ticket, you have rw-Permissions (which includes ro-Permissions) for that ticket. So he definitely can find the ticket, e.g. via Search or via the Responsible View.

          Where are you missing the ticket?


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