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        Hello friends,

        I need that before the customer opens the ticket, he chooses the service first, is it possible?

        And where do I configure this?



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          (Taking from OTRS base/historical info)

          You can make the service a required entry.

          This would be Ticket::Frontend::CustomerTicketMessage###ServiceMandatory in SysConfig.

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            Thank you very much for your help, but the service categories did not appear on a previous screen.
            I had seen an example, which at the otobo / otrs, the address looked like this:


            And on this screen the customer can choose the service and then the ticket screen for him to put the subject and the text / attachment.

            If you find a tutorial, you can pass it to me, I searched on google and I was not successful :(

            <div id=”gtx-trans” style=”position: absolute; left: -10px; top: 222px;”>
            <div class=”gtx-trans-icon”></div>

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              Stefan Rother

                Dear Korost,

                I hope you are feeling well and you and your family are healthy.

                Sorry, I don’t know a Dialog like / in otrs or otobo. Normally, the customer uses https://fqdn/otobo/ to create a ticket (and to choose the service before creating the ticket).

                Could you explain your needed functionality a little more in detail, please? Perhaps it is a customer development?

                I wish you a nice weekend!


                Team OTOBO

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                Hello Dear Stefan,

                I drew what I want:

                1º When the customer chooses “new ticket”, this screen shows all the service categories that he must choose,

                after he chooses, the subcategory will appear and finally the ticket screen will appear

                it is possible?


                Thanks for help and have a great day.

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                Sven Oesterling

                  Hello Korost,

                  if you are having this screen in OTRS you are using a package which extends it, this is not part of the standard (you can have a look in Porting this package will unfortunately quite certainly not work with our tool alone, because the whole customer frontend css changed. We could help you with this, if you need it, though, if you contact our sales team (

                  Another option would be, to use the customer dashboard for this, in otobo. This, however is not yet as flexible as we intend it to be at some point in time. In general the approach is the following: If you open https://server/otobo/ by changing x to “1, 2, 3, …”, you can directly choose the service for the ticket. If you go to the SysConfig and search for “CustomerDashboard::Tiles”, you can add those links to the toolbox. Alternatively and probably nearer to what you want, would be, to change several tiles of the dashboard to “TileFeaturedLink”. You could just adapt the SysConfig options, don’t worry about the names – but to really make this pretty, you would most likely want to change the css, too, and we don’t have a tool yet, which makes this easy, at the moment it has to be done manually, and together with the responsiveness, this is rather complex. We could help you here, too, of course.

                  Best regards, Sven

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                    Hello Sven,

                    got it, thank you.



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