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      Giordano Torre

      Good Evening,

      I have tryed to install otobo with docker and ssl certificate.

      I have a problem with ssl certificate.

      I have read manual, point 4, but when the installation ends, I can’t able to connect http://youriporfqdn/otobo/

      I have copied and set the two files (.crt and .key) in this directory /etc/nginx/ssl/.

      If I install otobo with self signed certificates, I haven’t problem.

      I have used this configuration file .docker_compose_env_https (default file).

      I have opened on firewall only 22,80,443 ports.

      Thank you for support


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      Giordano Torre

      Good Morning,

      where can I set FQDN in nginx configuration file docker installation?

      Because I have installed and set ssl certificate path in .env file but if I connect with IP it’s OK with FQDN I  can’t connect it.

      For Example: https://IPSERVER/otobo/    –> OK  –> I used this .docker_compose_env_https and I have set only ssl path and DB password

      https://FQDN/otobo/index. pl –> Error

      Thank You

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