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      Giordano Torre

      Good evening,

      I’m newbie with OTOBO.

      I’m tring install it on my VM with Ubuntu Server 20.04.

      I have followed all documentation commands but when I try connect to this page http://localhost/otobo/, nothing.

      I have configured my apache server with these commands:

      root> cp /opt/otobo/scripts/apache2-httpd-vhost-80.include.conf /etc/apache2/sites-available/zzz_otobo-80.conf

      root> a2ensite zzz_otobo-80.conf

      root> systemctl restart apache2

      In zzz_otobo-80.conf I have replace FQDN with my ip local machine.

      Thank You for your support

      Best regards




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      Giordano Torre

      I have resolve the problem…

      I have installed Otobo docker version…:-)

      We are using OTRS version 3.3.x.

      I have read the installation guide and it is possible migration from OTRS Community/OTRS version 6.

      Is it possible migration from OTRS 3.3.x version to Otobo?

      Thank You for support

      Best Regards


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      Grit Rother

      Hi Giordano,

      Brilliant, I’m glad to see your problems are solved.

      As for migrating from OTRS 3 to OTOBO: You have to upgrade your OTRS first – from 3 to 4 to 5 to 6. But then you can migrate to OTOBO!

      Hope this helps. Get in touch if you need further support.

      Kind regards,



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