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      Is there any way to add new calendar, more than 9, in System config -> Core -> Time -> Calendar?

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      Stefan Abel


        You have to create or own SysConfig Settings.

        Create an XML-File, e.g. in Custom/Kernel/Config/Files/

        withthis Input:

        <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″ ?>
        <otobo_config version=”2.0″ init=”Changes”>

        <!– settings will be here –>


        I have this from the documentation.

        In the settings you want to “copy”, you see that they are from a file called “Framework.xml”, which you will find under Kernel/Config/Files/XML/Framework.xml

        You can also find the current version on our GitHub.

        From there you can copy the settings you want to copy and put it into your own XML file. Don’t forget to rename the settings (e.g. with new numbers) to differentiate from existing ones.

        It might be necessary to Rebuild your SysConfig and maybe delete the cache before.


        bin/ Maint::Cache::Delete
        and then
        bin/ Maint::Config::Rebuild

        Maybe also create a package to not lose the file during an upgrade:

        I haven’t tried this now, but this is the way I would start with trying.

        I hope this helps you any further.


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