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        The new customer portal seems great, a huge improvement over OTRS, but the agent side is basically the same. Is there any plan to upgrade also that view?

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        Stefan Rother

          Hi Tasagore,

          Thanks very much for your request!

          At first glance, the agent interface is very similar, but we have incorporated a number of improvements here as well.

          The OTOBO agent interface is also being upgraded, and preparations for this are already underway. I think that we will be able to publish the first information in our newsletter in the next few weeks.

          Best wishes from Germany,

          Stefan Rother

          Team OTOBO

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          Mark Lecoq

            Just a quick note that, as a former OTRS user until 2016 or so and someone who likes slow incremental changes to UXs, I very much appreciated the similarities to the OTRS agent view and immediately felt at home.

            Since many (most?) OTOBO implementors/agents will have a similar history, this would be a good strategy for future changes IMHO.

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