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      Przemek S


        I would be grateful if someone could help me.

        I have Customers (Companies) and CustomerUsers (contact persons) to each Customer (company). The same person (using the same email) could be the contact person in a few companies. I set up CustomerUserEmailUniqCheck to 0 in Config and I can have a few CustomerUsers with the same email. It’s OK.

        However, the issue starts when I received email (ticket) from non-unique CustomerUser with non-unique email. The system assign the ticket in unknown way to particular Customer (Company).

        How I should configure the system to achieve this:

        • if the CustomerUser is unique, then the system should assign ticket to Customer (Company) automatically, but:
        • if the system receives email from non-unique CustomerUser, then don’t assign automatically ticket to Customer, I want to do it later by myself when I be sure which Customer (company)  is involved in.

        Thanks for help.

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        Stefan Rother

          Dear Przemek,

          I think it’s perhaps not the best way to add a customer user multiple times. OTOBO assign the mail ticket directly to the first customer user, how is it supposed to know which customer company it is?

          A better way is to work with different customerIDs. Please add one customer user only one time. In the next step add a new database field “customerids” and configure it inside Kernel/ Now you have the possibility to assign several CustomerIDs to one customer, separated by commas, and thus to several companies.

          We work very hard on the OTOBO Documentation at the moment, but you will found a tutorial for OTRS here: and adopt it to OTOBO.

          I wish you a nice day!


          Team OTOBO

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          Przemek S

            Dear Stefan,

            thank you very much for your help. Your tip seems to be a good way, but I dont’t still know in which way the new tickets received from multi-customerIDs CustomerUser could be assign to the right (only one) customer.

            At the end I want to have in my own CRM the list of tickets for each customer/company (not CustomerUser/ContactPerson).

            Have a nice day.



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              perhaps you can use generic agent. I’m using GA to assign multiple customer users from the same domain to single customerID. Triggered after ticket creation.

              Another idea is to use incoming mail filters or even raw postmaster filters and regex.





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