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      Curtis Jones


        I have a currently working installation of Otobo 10.1. LDAP authentication is currently working completely normally.

        However when I try to start syncing OTOBO roles with LDAP groups the Otobo roles are not updating for Agents with new groups assigned.

        I tested by:

        1) Stripping an account of all permissions/group memberships.

        2) Making sure only the LDAP groups for Agent access and one Otobo role were added to the account.

        3) Signed into Otobo normally.

        However upon signing in this account still has no permissions and was not given the role assigned to their LDAP group.


        My config looks like:

        $Self->{'AuthSyncModule::LDAP::UserSyncRolesDefinition'} = {
            'OTOBO ROLE NAME' => 1
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        Stefan Abel


          without seeing your whole code, try it with a comma after the „1“ and after the „}“ to make sure that all is being handled. The rest looks fine for me. Where did you implement it? Which file and which part?


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