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      Daniel dos Santos


        I have created a “text area field” type as dynamic field being specified by the customer when submitting a ticket.

        At the moment the content of that text area is displayed on the ticket information side bar (see screenshot below).

        When I do a mouse over I get an overview which is already good but:

        1- Is there a way to have it constantly displayed? Maybe part of the ticket information directly and not via a pop up?

        2- Is it possible to change the size of that pop up window as it only displays a part of the text area information?

        3- Any advice where it would be the best to display that information?

        I have tried to display that information under the Article info (with an another dynamic field type article) but the size is also restricted there. The idea is to have that information clearly available for the agent processing the ticket. The best would be directly somewhere in the agent ticket zoom view.

        Thanks in advance for your help

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