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      Pawel Bosak

      Hi, once I set OAUTH2 for Exchange Online Mail account in OTOBO, downloading emails will stop with error as bellow. After edit and save mail account and login to Microsoft, error will stop for next hour. Any idea how to solve this permlamentley ?


      Backend ERROR: OTOBO-CGI-00 Perl: 5.32.1 OS: linux Time: Thu Jun 30 17:28:34 2022

      Message: CommunicationLog(ID:126465,AccountType:-,AccountID:-,Direction:Incoming,Transport:Email,ObjectLogType:Connection,ObjectLogID:187362)::Kernel::System::MailAccount::POP3 => POP3OAuth2: Could not request access token for XXXX‘. The refresh token could be expired or invalid.

      RequestURI: /otobo/;Subaction=Run;ID=2;ChallengeToken=XXXXX;

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      Tobias ILS

      after about 60 minutes i can’t get a new token. have you found a solution?



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