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        I use OTOBO v10.0.12.

        Going through the new Customer interface I found several issues.
        Can you please have a look?

        1. Ticket attributes in CustomerTicketOverview
        I am missing information about ticket state in the Customer interface “My tickets”/”Company tickets” (CustomerTicketOverview).
        There are filters All / Open / Closed in the top of the ticket list but the filter “Open” includes tickets in various states like “open”, “pending reminder”…
        The customer has no option how to filter or distinguish tickets in some state – e.g. “pending reminder” waiting for customer cooperation.
        There is also no possibility for the customer to sort the tickets in the overview:
        – I changed in SysConfig Ticket::Frontend::CustomerTicketOverviewSortable to Yes but nothing changed in the CustomerTicketOverview form
        – I changed Ticket::Frontend::CustomerTicketOverview###Queue to Enabled but even the queue is not shown
        Is there a possibility how to show ticket state (other attributes) in CustomerTicketOverview – any configuration or just a code change?

        2. Ticket Search in Customer interface
        I can see only a fulltext ticket search in the Customer interface.
        Can customer search for his/her tickets using any ticket attribute (type, state, service…) as it was possible in the “old” customer interface?
        There is a setting in SysConfig Frontend::Customer::View::TicketSearch which seems not to fit the new customer interface.

        3. Ticket/article created time in the Customer interface
        Ticket/article created time is shown just as “relative” time in the Customer interface (CustomerTicketOverview, CustomerTicketZoom) – e.g. “11d3h”. The “absolute” time (e.g. 3.9.2021 10:23) is not shown at all (there is no tooltip).
        I think this might be very helpful for customers.
        Is there a way to display the “absolute” time or is it missing?

        Thank you,

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