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      tommaso iovane

        HI, im trying to populate a dynamic field in AgentTicketFreeText through a webservice. This is the endpoint https://progeta-sinapto.sinapto.tech/static/test.php, it’s a software we work on, so we have full control of what it sends to otobo, atm is sending:


        the webservice on otobo is configured as following:

        the invoker’s event triggers are TicketCreate, TicketTitleUpdate.

        In the webservice’s debugger section i can see that otobo can reach the endpoint and parse the data as following:

        $VAR1 = {
        'Data' => {
        'Key' => 'Data',
        'Value' => 'Value'

        even so, in the ticket’s AgentTicketFreeText the dynamic field appears either as a disabled input field or as a text „DynamicField/Agent/WebService.tt“.

        Is my endpoint sending the data the wrong way? thanks for help!

    Viewing 0 reply threads
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