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        I have add-ons that didn’t use OTRS. I would like to know if you can install the same add-ons on OTOBO. The error below is occurring:

        “LigeroRepository 6.0.0 package information
        Installation package requires OTOBO update
        Please note that your installed OTOBO version is 10.0.11.

        This package can only be installed on OTOBO version 6.0.x or higher.

        Why should I keep OTOBO up to date?
        You will receive updates on relevant security issues.
        You will receive updates for all other relevant OTOBO issues.
        How can I do a patch level update if I don’t have a contract?
        You can find all relevant information within the update information at

        In case you have more questions, we’ll be happy to answer them.
        Please visit our customer portal and place an order.”

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        Adam Smith

          He Joao,

          I’ve had similar issues moving to Znuny from OTRS; while still very new on OTOBO, the fix for me was to edit the OPM file with a text editor and update the Version and framework element on lines 4 and 5


          to reflect the version:


          Nothing ventured, nothing gained right?


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          Renée Bäcker

            For some addons that works, for others not. Currently the OTOBO codebase is still similar to the OTRS codebase, but with every release they differ more and more. I would recommend to contact the vendor of the package and ask them if they can port the addon to OTOBO.

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