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      Manny Gatahwa

        Hello Team,

        Please assist, I am facing this issue in OTOBO, anyone who knows how to get over it or which logs to check.

        I am using Docker Swarn Container in Ubuntu 20 LTS.

        How do I check this error from the backend service logs?

        What logs to check?

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        Stefan Abel


          E.g. with “docker logs otobo_web_1 –since 5m” or just “docker logs otobo_web_1”

          Or if you could log in, you could also check the “System Log”.

          Best regards

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            Manny Gatahwa

              Hello Stafan,

              I checked in otobo_web_1  logs but nothing was there to help me fix it. I managed to get it using TCPDump and with logs I collected I managed to identify the problem.

              Here is the link to TCPDump, in case you need it

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            Best Answer

              Hi Manny,

              thanks for the link explaining about attaching a container with tcpdump. I actually wasn’t aware that new containers could be inserted into an existing Docker network. I have added the link to the Troobleshooting section of

              Best regards,


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              Manny Gatahwa

                Hello Bernhard,

                I now have another problem. I am getting too many tickets with subject “OTOBO Scheduler Daemon Cron: EscalationCheck” and I have checked the the Daemon logs and web logs but no error reported in regards to this.

                I have a created a separate thread for this HERE and I was hoping if you can help to identify the problem.


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