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      We’ve been using Otobo 10.1.5 on Docker, for a few months and are quite happy with the platform. We’ve run into a strange issue though, regarding the “send date” when replying to customers.

      For some strange reason, when replying to an specific article in a Ticket, the attached mailthread gets tagged with the “ticket create date”, which confuses our customers(and agents as well ;-). I’ve added an example, illustrating the issue:


      The reply was send on the 05.01.2023 but the attached mailthread is tagged with 03.01.2023 (the ticket create date) which is wrong. It should have been tagged with the 04.01.2023. (the date of the previous reply and article create date.

      The above example is of course a pretty simple case, but when the mailthread gets longer it quickly becomes an issue and triggers confusion.

      My question is, what can be done to fix this? (or is Otobo designed to behave like this?)


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        Your post dates from January, so you might already have found the answer.

        However, here is a way to change this behaviour. In Admin->Sysconfig->Ticket::Frontend::ResponseFormat, you should be able to change the following line:

        [% Data.Created | Localize("TimeShort") %] - [% Data.OrigFromName | html %] [% Translate("wrote") | html %]:


        [% Data.CreateTime | Localize("TimeShort") %] - [% Data.OrigFromName | html %] [% Translate("wrote") | html %]:


        Hope this helps :)


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