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      Matthias Richter

      Looking through the admin documentation and searching for the obvious terms I found supported ways of supplying users is only database or LDAP. Is this correct or did I not look well enough? There is currently no way to let users use an identity provider (SAML or OAUTH2/OpenID Connect) or is there?

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      Sven Oesterling

      Hi Matthias,

      you are right about the current state (there would also be HTTPBasicAuth… ;) ). We already have built a package which facilitates OpenID Connect, which is currently running on some customers systems. It will eventually be implemented in the standard, but before that some adaptions still have to be made. You can expect it to be implemented in Q2 2021. If you need it earlier, you could send a mail to hello@otobo.de.

      Best regards, Sven

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      Rob Heine

      Hi Sven,

      I’m also interested in this module and was not able to find it. What’s the state there?



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