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      Mark Lecoq

      We’ve set up OTOBO with GnuPG (one GPG signature for the main queue)  and it seems to work out of the box quite nicely. /opt/otobo/.gnupg is owned by user „otobo“, web server is also run by user „otobo“.

      However there seems to be a glitch in the web interface because the key isn’t shown in the reply window as I’ve seen in other (otrs) systems before. I was wondering what causes this and how we can address the issue.

      Any pointers please?


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      Renée Bäcker

      The dropdown shows keys **only** when there is more than one key. If there is only one key for the recipient (or user) the „Sign“/“Encrypt“ dropdowns are grey, but the key is used.

      So, you either used an older OTRS before (as it’s the same behaviour in OTRS 6.0.x) or there were several keys for the mail address(es) in the other OTRS instances.

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      Mark Lecoq

      Thanks Renée! That makes sense and yes, I do think we had more than one key in place.

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