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      Jens Reimann


        we are using otobo as an intranet solution in our company. Due to technical reasons we would like to host it on a public domain now. Some of my colleagues think that we cannot do that because of security or license reasons?

        Can you shed some light on this please?

        Best regards Jens

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        Stefan Abel

          Hi Jens,

          Do you mean to make it accessible from the internet? No worries, you sure can host it however you want. OTOBO is Open Source and you can’t sell the software itself or change it and then sell it. Many people have it accessible for the public, like universities, clubs and of course also companies.

          Here you can read the license if you would like further information:

          Here you can find the GNU page:
          Or here (as a third party source) you can find the Wikipedia page:

          Does this help you any further?

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          Jens Reimann

            Hi Stefan,

            thanks, of course you helped me. I am a bit confused though. I wonder why my IT colleague says it should not be hosted on a public domain? Anyway that does nost make sense for a web application in general.

            Cheers Jens

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